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Hours of Operation

Wednesday–Friday • 1–6pm

Current Exhibition

Design On Press


January 11–February 22


January 11 • 6-9pm

About the Show

Design On Press is a group show featuring the works of six Bay Area Printers, all with a unique common thread. Curated by Victoria Heifner of Milkfed Press, this group offers an exciting blend of typography, art, design, and of course—letterpress printing.

Between them are seasoned publishers, authors, poets, typographers, artists, and printers—yet they all came to letterpress printing as a simple way to communicate. Not one of them began their work in the computer realm.

This very fact has informed each artist’s sense of design from the very beginning. Limitations such as, “Do I have enough type to say what I’m trying to say?” or working with a particular piece of artwork created parameters which pushed creativity, boundaries, and made for some exciting work. Each artist represents a unique eye and perspective, and it is truly a pleasure to put them all together in the same show.

Participating artists:

Johnny Brewton — X-Ray Book Co.
David Lance Goines — St. Hieronymus Press
Victoria Heifner — Milkfed Press
Peter Koch — Peter Koch, Printers
Marina Luz — Honeylux
Richard Seibert — Richard Seibert Letterpress

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