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Current Exhibition

Jim Krewson: The Littlest Daddy and Other Drawings


May 4–June 29


May 4 • 6-9pm

About the Show

Jim Krewson first learned the value of being an artist in grammar school. To avoid being beaten up by the local bullies, he mastered the art of drawing naked women. His drawings and paintings today are inspired by stereotypes from sub and pop culture, often through the dirty lens of his sick humor. His images and sculptures are made in a stylized and unabashedly illustrative and handmade fashion that perverts reality. More often than not, the work operates on an exploitative or visceral level, leaving the question of morality to the viewer. Krewson’s past subject matter has ranged from a giant airbrushed portait of Carol Channing partying down at the Rolling Stones’ infamous Altamont concert to a more recent kinetic sculpture of a woodland dirt clump that plays an electric guitar to Sharpie drawings of lesbian bikers being enchanted by woodland witches.

Jim Krewson was born in Bucks County, PA in 1967. In 1997 he left his past career as a decorator of erotic cakes to become a visual artist and bluegrass musician. He has been showing his work since then.

Upcoming Exhibition

But Where Are You Really From?


July 6–August 31


July 6 • 6-9pm

About the Show

“But where are you really from?” is a question often asked of people of color. If it were a genuine inquiry, then a neighborhood or city should suffice. However, the repetitiveness and emphasis on “but” and “really” implies that it wasn’t the answer they were looking for when they were actually asking for ethnicity. Whether intentional or not, it creates a sense of otherness and that one could not possibly belong here based on physical features.

The sign painting trade is a practice shared around the world but historically, the sign painting community in the US did not reflect the diversity of its people. In recent years, with the combination of the remaining trade school still teaching the sign painting curriculum, sign shops that have pulled through the vinyl scare / continue to take in apprentices, businesses big and small re-appreciating hand painted craftsmanship, and the immense amount of information available through the internet—we are breeding generations of diverse sign painters into the mix!

As with any industry, representation matters so this showcase is all about celebrating diversity through and within sign painting. We have gathered sign painters from different backgrounds to answer that aggravating question with pride, if you really must know—this is where my family is from!

Featuring work from:

Alfonso Garcia
Ashley Fundora
Bryan Yonki
Charmaine Chen
Emmanuel Sevilla
Erick Anguiano
John Seastrunk
Jonathan Jardin
Lauren D’Amato
Melvin Lee
Michelle Nguyen
Napang Boonpaung
Nick Lee
Nisha K. Sethi

Read more about and see sample work from these sign painters here.

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